Erotic Art

Wild Pegasus


"Hello… Thanks for joining me here to take a look into this hot website… There's more male juices leaking from male thingies to coat the sexy woman of your dreams… Let's take a little peek… Using hand drawn art and photo manipulation, this artist brings a feast of white juices for you to enjoy. These girls are the targets of large male thingies aching to release a load of cream on their pretty faces. The cartoons show babes with big boobs covered in male juices dripping from their chins. In a touch of tentacle hentai, you'll see lovely girls trapped in tentacles with white cream leaking from their privates and slipping down their pale faces. These hot women enjoy drinking up all the juices they can get from a male thingy. The photo manipulations are excellent quality making you believe that it's an erotic picture of a babe with white stuff covering her body. Babes in tight clothes seem to strut around with their faces and bodies dripping with white juices. There are pictures of tentacles made of male thingies wrapped around the sexy model's body delivering a load of thick male cream. If you like seeing a bunch of white juices coating your babes then you've come to the right place. This site is overloaded with the tempting erotic artwork. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into the world of Wild Pegasus… Come and see me again soon…"


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